South LA is resilient.  South LA is visionary.  South LA is home.  

South LA is the future.


On the 25th anniversary of the 1992 LA Uprising, we identify four root causes – law enforcement suppression, housing insecurity, economic divestment, and environmental racism –  which we believe negatively affect community health and were among the root causes of the social rebellion.

 Join us, as we highlight our vision of transformation and health which preserves the integrity of the poor and working class people in our neighborhoods and points toward a future for the entire city. This vision builds on South LA’s unique models of cross-racial unity and of community-driven policy solutions.


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June 24, 2018
“Today we FIGHT, we RISE and we VOTE!” -Dr. Ross from the @CalEndow Retweeted by BHC South LA
— @PICOcalifornia
June 24, 2018
March on the Otay Mesa detention center #RiseUpAsOne #EndFamilySeparation Retweeted by BHC South LA
— @CalEndow
June 24, 2018
We stand together, we will win! #EndFamilySeparation #CloseImmigrantPrisons #RiseUpAsOne Retweeted by BHC South LA
— @CalEndow

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