Indoor Vs Outdoor Shooting

The Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Ranges

An indoor shooting range for U.S. Federal law enforcement personnel provides the professional shooter with an opportunity to develop critical and functional skills. An indoor shooting range is typically located within an existing building or facility, and designed specifically for use by law enforcement or firearms professionals. Law enforcement ranges are available throughout the country. Typically, they are located in small rural areas where access is quick and easy. They offer competitive shooting experiences that include pistol and Smith & Wesson models, as well as other models from different manufacturers.

Although most indoor ranges are linked to a police department, there are some that are privately owned. In some instances, a public or private shooting range may be located on the property of a school or other institution. Outdoor ranges are also available for both hunters and target shooters. The equipment used during these activities is often the same, but certain regulations apply.

Because an indoor range can be more challenging to use than an outdoor one, it is important for shooters to find a training facility that can provide them with the experience they need to become proficient. Training ranges should offer not only a pistol and Smith & Wesson models, but many different types of hand guns, ammunition, optics and other supplies. A quality range master will show shooters, how to properly handle and use each piece of equipment, so that they learn how to properly load and fire each weapon.

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