Car Care 101 – Why Air Conditioning Needs To Be Well Maintained

traffic film remover

Traffic film remover, also known as TFR, is an effective chemical degreaser which is designed specifically for usage on both road and pavement in order to clear away any signs of dirt or grit that can accumulate over time. When using this product you should aim to apply it on the affected area no more than a few minutes after your vehicle has been cleaned to ensure that it has dried thoroughly.

Car Care 101 – Why Air Conditioning Needs To Be Well Maintained

If you are unable to find any residue when using this product then there is likely a problem with either the quantity of solution used or the quality of the product being used. It’s highly likely that if you have not been able to use any type of commercial cleaner for your car in the last few years, that the exhaust system is unable to remove all the bacteria and other pollutants from the air that comes through it. This is why it is vital to always ensure that you keep your vehicle clean by vacuuming and cleaning with a good quality commercial cleaner on a regular basis. You never know when you will get into an accident and the air conditioning system will fail and you will need to replace it quickly so that you can have your car running at top speed again.

When you have your paintwork dry, cover any exposed areas in caulk to prevent traffic film removers from dulling it. Apply the tfr and allow it to sit for around half an hour. This allows the chemical to bond with the film and lift it off the surface. Wipe the area down with a dry cotton cloth and reapply the tfr before applying the final coat of paint. You should now have a clean workable vehicle without traffic film on your car!

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