Choosing The Right Recording Studio

“TrackGarden Studio” is an independent recording studio situated in Union, NJ, right off of the I-95. Established four years ago, we’ve served thousands of local and independent artists and producers. Our service includes: recording studios, voiceovers, musicians, songwriters, instrumentalists, composers, songwriters, arrangers, programmers, engineers, mixers, digital audio workstation, digital video workstation, computer labs, and much more. Read more

Ways to Decrease Recording Studio Prices

“TrackGarden Studio” is located on the corner of East Washington Street and New York Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey. Our studio is open seven days a week from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening. Our studio offers recording facilities including state-of-the-art high-resolution soundboards, two-track studios, multiple monitors, multi-track recording, tape, and many more. Our studio is available for private and commercial recording sessions.

TrackGarden Studio is not just a recording facility. We offer comprehensive audio and visual studio design and installation. With our in-house team of professional audio and visual technicians, it’s possible to make your project feel as if you are at home. We can customize the audio and visual studio experience so you are completely satisfied. Audio and visual equipment used at our studio includes Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools Xpand, and Nuke HD. Each of these devices is designed to handle the latest developments in professional audio. Audio and visual equipment are used in tandem with our in-house audio and visual technicians to make sure each session flows smoothly from beginning to end, with no interruptions in the middle.

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